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EQNX 2021 Summer Recap

Posted by Tanner Hinders on

While we anxiously await the return of offline events, EQNX has continued to sharpen our skills online. From ICFC to Evo Online, EQNX’s fighters have consistently earned medals in tournaments across the globe. Here’s a look at some of our favorite moments from this summer’s competitions.


For any ICFC NA Tekken viewer, seeing Cuddle_Core in grand finals over the last few months would be no surprise. Cuddle kicked off the summer by winning ICFC Season 2 with an amazing grand final reset against Shadow_20z. A fitting end to a season that saw her place top three in seven different weeks, including three first-place finishes.

Cuddle_Core, 1st in ICFC

Cuddle kept the momentum going into ICFC Season 3 by winning four of the nine weekly tournaments worth 407 points; enough for second place in the regular season standings. At Evo Online, Cuddle made quick work of her pool before falling to the loser’s side right before top eight. After fighting her way into top eight, she then lost to Mak to end the tournament in seventh place.

"The great thing about these tournaments is they happen every week, and so you’re always able to stay sharp. You’re able to learn something new every single time you fight in pools and brackets. One of the biggest lessons I learned from these online tournaments is, if you struggle against a playstyle/matchup one week, you will always get another chance to run it back. You get the chance to test your knowledge in a quicker amount of time to see if you’ve made the adaptation." - Cuddle_Core

Joey Fury

Joey Fury also found consistent success in ICFC Season 3, consistently reaching top eight week after week. That consistency earned him 255 points and fifth place in the standings at the end of nine weeks. While the first-place medal remained elusive in ICFC, the opposite was true in the Bud Light Beer League. Out of six weekly tournaments leading to the finals, Joey placed first in four of them. Unfortunately, he fell just short in the finals, where he placed second after a close grand final showdown against Acumajor.

Joey Fury, picture by Rell

Photo taken by RellFGC

Joey’s furious presence was felt in multiple other tournaments throughout the summer as well. Some of his most notable finishes including winning Anakin’s Winner Take All tournament and Online Masters as part of the TEKKEN Online Challenge. At Evo Online, Joey fell just short of a top eight finish after two close losses in top 48. He also fought to a ninth-place finish offline at Summer Jam 2021, being eliminated by Mak in the final final round of their match.

Masa and Jyotaro

EQNX’s ICFC dominance was not restricted to North America. In Asia, Masa has dominated his opponents with almost every character he picks. Masa won four of the nine regular season tournaments, only failing to make top eight one time during season three. He ended the regular season in first with 572 points, over 100 points more than second place. One of his wins even came over EQNX teammate, Jyotaro, who placed second in the only week of ICFC he competed in.

Jyotaro and Masa teamed up for Red Bull 5G National Team Online Qualifying where they placed 13th. At Evo Online, Masa fought his way to a ninth-place finish in a stacked Asia East bracket with Jyotaro finishing 25th. The two also competed in KELOTCUP.9 with Jyotaro earning a top eight finish and Masa behind him in 13th out of 114 competitors.


Even though Brian_F’s quest for first place in NLBC Online ended in March, he continued to compete and improve throughout the summer. After winning NLBC again in May, Brian earned five more top eight NLBC placings before moving to Texas and switching to Wednesday Night Fights. Brian’s WNF debut was as good as it could be with Brian winning the whole tournament, only losing a set to grand finals reset. The West Coast came out in force the last three weeks to stop Brian’s takeover, holding him to third twice.

One of Brian’s most notable achievements this summer was as an Olympic qualifier during the Intel World Open. Brian earned his spot in the NA East Regional Finals before falling to Punk and Shine to place seventh. In the Capcom Pro Tour, Brian fell just short of qualifying for Capcom Cup as the Midwest representative after losing to RobTV in grand finals. Evo Online was Brian’s first foray into the SFV western region, where he earned a seventh-place finish. On top of competing, Brian continues to create valuable FGC content on YouTube and Twitch as well as hosting No Neutral alongside RobTV during CPT events.

"Covid has been super challenging overall for everyone, but I'm proud that I took this opportunity to really grow on YouTube to bring Street Fighter and fighting games in general to a new audience, as well as continuing to push to improve and compete in the avenues we had. Winning prestigious online events like NLBC and WNF has been amazing, but I'm still pushing to qualify for Capcom Cup. Getting second in the CPT Midwest was heartbreaking, but look for me to push for first in the final qualifier in December." - Brian_F

Stream Team

The EQNX stream team has been active alongside the competitors. Filipinoman has been a consistent source for Rose tech and SFV streams over the summer. Keekeexbabyy continues to create an amazing community in her Twitch stream and commentated the TEKKEN teams tournament at Summer Jam.

Picture by Rell
Photo taken by RellFGC

Romanova worked with Sony PlayStation to create a Millia Rage character guide for Guilty Gear Strive, featuring tips and tricks to learn the character. She also provided commentary for the Dragon Ball FighterZ Playstation EVO Community Series.

Flexiss has been hard at work with Royal Rivals, recently hosting the Commentary Teams Battle against Marine. Fellow teammate PhantomMiria was drafted to her squad and nearly pulled an comeback win for Team Flexiss. Flexiss herself celebrated her one-year anniversary as part of EQNX with a giveaway!

"As the co-owner of Royal Rivals, I've been very proud of the growth of the all women/non-binary tournament series, both from a production side and from a competitor side. We've branched into Guilty Gear with great success, and are still running with Street Fighter. It's very rewarding to create a space for women to celebrate and connect with other women in the fighting game space. I can only hope we incorporate more games in the months to come!

I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with EQNX in August, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little choked up. My journey with EQNX helped me grow as a person, a commentator, a content creator, and member within the fgc. I ran a stream to celebrate it and it only reaffirmed the support I got from the community. I can't wait to see where the next year and beyond take me." - Flexiss

It was an amazing summer for EQNX, but there’s plenty more to come. Cuddle_Core and Joey Fury will both compete in the ICFC NA Season 3 finals with Masa competing in the Asia finals. Brian_F is continuing to level up in hopes of qualifying for Capcom Cup when Midwest 2 qualifiers happen in December. Don’t forget to follow EQNX on Twitter for updates on all the players' achievements!

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