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EQNX 2021 Year-End Review

Posted by Tanner Hinders on

The end of 2021 has seen some amazing accomplishments within EQNX as well as a return to offline. We wanted to take a look back at some of the highlights from the fall and winter of 2021 as we start the new year. Take a look at the
EQNX 2021 Summer Recap to catch up on our events from earlier in the year.

Red Bull Kumite

One of EQNX’s first major offline events came in Las Vegas at Red Bull Kumite. Both Cuddle_Core and Brian_F were invited to participate in the invitational for Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V, respectively. Joey Fury and Filipinoman also participated in the Last Chance Qualifiers, hoping to qualify for their game's finals.

“It was such an honor. I've been watching every RBK event since its inception in 2015. It's the source of so many legendary moments for the Street Fighter community. I didn't really believe it when the invite came in, that I was going to be a part of that legacy. I knew I had to do everything in my power to make the most of the opportunity.” - Brian_F

On the Tekken side, Joey Fury made quick work of his pool as well as securing a strong win over Averiey_RiB to make top eight winners side. Joey Fury proceeded to win a close match against Infested before falling to JDCR in winners finals. Infested fought to earn a rematch against Joey Fury in losers finals and got his revenge, eliminating Joey in a close set. 

In the finals group draw, Cuddle_Core was joined by JDCR, Infested, and Super Akouma. In a highly competitive group, Cuddle_Core picked up a win against Super Akouma, but lost to JDCR and Infested, causing her to miss qualifying for top eight by one win.

“My favorite part of the whole event was the introductions/entries of all of the players. At most of the FGC events there aren’t really intros like that for players. But the event allowed players to show their personalities, running through the tunnel, doing some sort of action or pose that was unique to them. Being able to have my own intro, based on my personality and showing that to the world made me feel so good. It felt like I was saying this is me, ALL OF ME, and that’s okay, that’s good. Being able to do player intros made me feel like for the first time in a while FULLY comfortable in my own skin on stage.” - Cuddle_Core

Brian_F’s Street Fighter V group provided more than enough entertainment for any spectator. After losing early to Problem X, Brian fought back with a win against GO1. With a finals spot on the line, Brian’s hard work over the last year paid off and he won a back-and-forth set against Mono to move on to the final bracket. Brian’s first match of top eight was against ChrisCCH, adding to the drama of Brian’s west coast takeover. After a commanding start, Brian gained a 2-0 lead in the set but ChrisCCH grabbed the momentum to complete the reverse sweep, ending Brian’s Red Bull Kumite run. 


CEO marked EQNX’s first large return to open bracket play in the last two years, including some EQNX members' first event on the team. Romanova showed off her skills on the mic, providing commentary for Guilty Gear Strive and DragonBall FighterZ, including DBFZ Top 8. Cuddle_Core competed in the Tekken bracket and made a strong start through pools and top 96. However, while playing Book for a spot in top 24, a lengthy decision after a Double KO in the final round of game two eventually led to Cuddle_Core dropping down to losers side. Cuddle_Core picked up a strong win over ShyTheRula but lost a close set to emily to finish the event in 13th place. 

"I've had interactions and friendships with fellow EQNX members before I joined the team, but being together as a collective at CEO felt really good.

Witnessing the synergy of Trungy's coaching and Cuddle's implementation, letting Kurominah take photos of the team with my camera which has sparked their interest in photography, and getting the group together to take photos myself were all big highlights for me. I'm thankful for capping the year off with that experience." - RellFGC

Bud Light

Joey Fury continued his dominance of the Bud Light Beer League in Season 2 this fall. Throughout the six weeks of regular season brackets, Joey Fury won four of them. In the two weeks he did not win, Joey still earned second and fourth place finishes. Going into season finals, Joey was seeded first but still needed to earn the championship title in the top eight bracket. Unfortunately, Joey lost his first match against emily and was forced into losers side. He picked up some momentum taking down Fear but was up against Acumajor in losers semifinals. Joey managed to force a final game in the set but lost the decisive round, ending his finals run in fourth place.


CPT Midwest 2

Brian_F fell just short of qualifying for Capcom Cup during Midwest 1 earlier this year. With his final chance and coming off the success at Red Bull Kumite, Brian was determined to make the most of this opportunity. Even the final bracket of Midwest 2 looked similar to the first qualifier and Brian once again found himself in winners finals against RobTV. RobTV won, but since he had already secured his spot at Capcom Cup, that meant his grand finals opponent would automatically earn the region’s second spot. With only one set to win, Brian_F proved his worth with a 3-0 win over Dual Kevin to make it to grand finals and Capcom Cup VIII.


Cuddle_Core had an amazing year with multiple accolades to show for the work she’s done over the last year. She officially became a Red Bull Gaming athlete at the Tekken mansion in September. Cuddle_Core was also named as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in December for her work both in and outside competition.



2021 was a great year for EQNX’s players, streamers, and staff. Multiple titles and accolades prove how dedicated everyone has been to improvement this year. We’re looking forward to making 2022 the team’s best year yet.

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