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A Year In Review: EQNX Gaming 2018

Posted by Tanner Hinders on

In the summer of 2018, EQNX Gaming was created with a few goals in mind: assemble a team of world-class competitors, create amazing apparel, and make a difference. Over the last six months, EQNX has, without a doubt, began work towards accomplishing those goals. While 2018 was a fantastic inaugural year for EQNX, the future appears even brighter. Before looking towards 2019, its time to take a look back at the amazing year that was 2018.

The Debut: CEO Daytona 2018

As the fighting game community prepared for CEO Daytona, EQNX announced the signing of its first player in Tekken 7, Jimyung "Dimeback" Jeon. An Asuka main from Korea, Dimeback is a fierce competitor and the perfect choice for EQNX's debut.

At CEO, Dimeback dominated his pool and went on to take down American fan favorites Anakin and Joey Fury to qualify for Top 8 on Winner's Side. In the end, Dimeback finished an impressive Top 5 under the EQNX banner.

Summer Jam 12: Enter Joey Fury

During the last few years, Joseph "Joey Fury" Bennett has consistently proven himself to be one of the best American Tekken players. At the end of August, EQNX announced Joey Fury had signed with the team and Summer Jam 12 would be his first event in an EQNX jersey.

On Day 1, Joey Fury, Dimeback, and Steven "57Waffle" Bennett (Joey's older brother) placed third in the Tekken Team tournament. In the main event, Joey dominated the competition to reach Top 8 on Winner's Side. He would finish 4th, marking another great start for EQNX.

SoCal Regionals 2018

The season continued and the TWT Finals grew ever closer. Both Dimeback and Joey Fury were set on snagging crucial points at SoCal Regionals in Ontario, California. The two fought their way into Top 8 only to set up an inevitable EQNX team-kill on Winner's Side.

Even though Joey took down his teammate, Dimeback fought hard for a Loser's Final rematch. After five closely contested matches, Dimeback emerged victorious placing Joey Fury in third while Dimeback finished second to JimmyJTran. The phenomenal finish provided important points for the EQNX fighters heading towards the World Finals in December.

Cuddle Core Joins

While Dimeback continued his stellar season at Tekken Extreme Tournament in Colombia and Southeast Asia Major in Singapore, EQNX continued to improve back in the United States. At the end of September, EQNX announced its final player signing of the year, Jeannail "Cuddle Core" Carter. Not only is Cuddle Core a Tekken Champion, having placed first in the ELEAGUE Tekken Team Takedown, but she is also a champion for diversity in the FGC.

Cuddle Core made her EQNX debut at Canada Cup 2018 alongside Dimeback and Joey Fury. The new EQNX fighter quickly proved her strength by outlasting both of her new teammates to place fourth following strong wins against Joonya_20z and Runitblack.

TWT Last Chance Qualifier

The end of Canada Cup signified the end of the qualifying season for the Tekken World Tour Finals. Joey had qualified with the necessary points, but Dimeback and Cuddle Core found themselves outside of the threshold. Only one spot remained in the Tekken World Tour Finals in Amsterdam with 320 contestants fighting for the same goal in the Last Chance Qualifier. Cuddle Core fought through her pool in style and continued on until losing in Winner’s Quarterfinals against pekos.

Dimeback was placed in a much more precarious position after losing in the final match of his pool. The loss did not weaken Dimeback’s resolve as he went on a tear through loser’s bracket to set up a match against pekos in Loser’s Quarterfinals. What started as a close match quickly became a must-see God Match between the two competitors ending with Dimeback victorious.

Cuddle Core also continued unfazed destroying her next two opponents in Loser’s Side leading to a heartbreaking team-kill match against Dimeback. The two teammates fought a close match, but Dimeback won the set to move on. Cuddle_Core finished the LCQ in fourth place just behind Dimeback in third. Both players fought extremely hard to cap off a fantastic year of Tekken.

Final Boss: The TWT Finals

While his teammates were unable to join him, Joey Fury began his journey for the Tekken World Champion title. Placed in a strong Group A with qudans, JDCR, and Tissuemon, and NAROMA, Joey edged out the victories he needed to qualify for Top 8. Unfortunately, Joey lost his first match to JeonDDing's Lucky Chloe and was eliminated in seventh place, which is still considered an amazing finish amongst the best Tekken players in the world.


The Dream Stream Team

Of course, competing wasn’t the only thing EQNX accomplished in 2018. The team amassed an amazing Twitch Stream Team including BurnoutFighter, Invision, Nightris, oahifrancy, Filipinoman, Shangles, SMGxPrincess, BLACKBEARD, and yung_p. Looking back, 2018 was a great year full of epic competition and forging new friendships. 2018 was truly special, but expect big things in the new year!
- TJ "FireWolf" Hinders, @THinders38

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