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Brian "Brian_F" Foster signs with EQUINOX GAMING for CPT 2019

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Equinox Gaming is excited to announce Brian “Brian_F” Foster as the team's first ever Street Fighter V player for the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour. Notorious for robust mechanics and deep insight into the game, Brian_F has become an absolute fan favorite in North America. Brian_F is dedicated to constant improvement and helping fellow members of the FGC, making him a perfect fit for Equinox.

Brian_F at Final Round 2019 (photo by Chris Bahn)

Emily Tran, CEO of Equinox Gaming, said, "Picking up Brian was a no-brainer for us. He has a fire in him that is just infectious. Anyone who knows or follows Brian can see that he's a joy to be around. Whether he's competing or streaming, people want to be around Brian; he emanates confidence. Not only that, Brian is super talented at the game and is altruistic in the way he shares his knowledge of Street Fighter with the community. Brian will continue to accomplish big things in his career and we are so honored that he has made Equinox Gaming his new home."


Brian said, "I'm incredibly excited and proud to represent EQNX for the CPT 2019 season. EQNX has shown they are committed to supporting the FGC and I want to be apart of the drive to grow the community. With my strong start at Final Round, expect to see the trash fly this CPT season for a strong finish with EQNX's support."

Don't let the trash jokes fool you, Brian_F is anything but. His FGC journey began with Street Fighter IV, and since then, he has dedicated countless hours to practicing the game, creating analytical content for his fans, and growing his community with high quality streams and a lovable personality. Brian_F's Twitch and YouTube channels provide match insights and game tips for people of all skill levels, with his YouTube featuring the best Balrog analyses in the business


Though Brian_F has been playing Street Fighter for a decade, he made his breakthrough in the CPT 2017 when he placed fourth at Combo Breaker and when he won the CPT Online: North America 2. In 2018, he signed with UYU and found success in a variety of offline and online tournaments. Brian_F started off 2019 with a bang by finishing fourth at Frosty Faustings XI and fifth at Final Round.

The grind continues as Brian_F heads into Season 1 of the Street Fighter League and Combo Breaker 2019 where he hopes to dominate the competition under the Equinox banner.

Follow Brian_F on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube.

Written by FireWolf. Photos by Chris Bahn.

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