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Curiousjoi joins EQNX Stream Team

Posted by EQNX Gaming on

CuriousJoi joins EQNX Gaming

Equinox Gaming is excited to welcome Curiousjoi to the EQNX stream team! With a bright smile and contagious laugh, Curiousjoi has fostered her community into a welcoming place for fans to kick back and relax and enjoy wholesome content. It's no wonder she is also Twitch's newest ambassador.

"How's up, I'm Curiousjoi! I've been playing games since I was a little and my favorite games are Fighting, JRPG, and action-adventure! Team Explosion is the name of my community because one night I wanted to stream and relax but decided to play Dragon Ball FighterZ. That night the community saw my rage side and then the community name was born! I'm excited to join EQNX! I've been following their journey in the FGC for a while now and I'm excited to see and BE a part of what's to come in the future!"


Emily Tran, EQNX team owner, said, "It's hard not to smile when watching Curiousjoi's content. She genuinely enjoys what she does and has created something really special with her content and community. Together, we'll accomplish even more awesome stuff together for CuriousJoi, Team Explosion, EQNX, and the Fighting Gaming Community." 

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