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Team Update: EQNX's Future

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EQNX Team Update 2022

To the Fighting Game Community,

It is bittersweet to announce EQNX Gaming will be pausing our esports operations indefinitely. This means EQNX will not compete in fighting games in the near future and our players and stream team will be released. This was a hugely difficult decision to reach as we consider the FGC our home and each and every team member as family. Moving forward, the brand will focus on talent management and event/media production as we re-evaluate our future in competitive gaming.

EQNX’s mission was always simple: to foster up-and-coming talent into world class professionals and to bring together like-minded individuals from all over the world to do fun projects to help nurture and grow the community. We are tremendously proud of everything our people have accomplished. From championship wins to successful fundraisers, everything was done with heart and spirit. 

While we had plans to continue competing and growing the team, the ongoing situation with COVID-19 forced us to shift our focus. Although EQNX will no longer be active as a competitive team, we’ll continue managing talent and creating events and content for the FGC.

During this period, we’ve continued to help prepare team members for the transition. Our people are prime examples of professionalism, passion, and character, and we hope fighting game fans will continue to support them beyond the team.

Thank you again for your continued support of the EQNX family.

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