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EQNX Gaming partners with AnyKey Org

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Equinox Gaming is proud to announce we are now partnered with the AnyKey, an advocacy organization dedicated to supporting diversity in esports. This partnership will help Equinox provide even more support to marginalized communities within the Fighting Game scene and esports industry. Together, we hope to further promote diversity and inclusion by acting as positive role models in the community and providing welcoming spaces for all gamers.

Cuddle_Core at Canada Cup 2018

Morgan Romine, Director of AnyKey stated, "Our AnyKey Affiliates program is all about highlighting the awesome examples of diversity already thriving in competitive gaming. It's hard to find diversity if you're only following the biggest money PC-based tournaments, but there is a lot of exciting growth individuals at the grassroots, especially the FGC.

Jeannail/Cuddlecore has been kicking ass and taking names in the world of Tekken, and she has found a fantastic support system in the woman-run EQNX organization. We're happy to count ourselves as some of their biggest fans and hope to help amplify the great work they're doing."

Dimeback and Cuddle_Core at Canada Cup 2018

AnyKey is "committed to a long-term vision of a gaming community that is welcoming to all players, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, religious belief, background, or physical appearance...[believing] it is possible to be fiercely competitive and embrace positive play at the same time."

Equinox Gaming boasts one of the most diverse rosters of competitors and content creators who come from all walks of life, working to make the gaming community a better place, so partnering with AnyKey is a perfect fit.

EQNX Gaming at the TWT Finals 2018 in Amsterdam

Emily Tran, Owner of Equinox Gaming, stated, "The diversity of Equinox Gaming is one of our greatest strengths as an organization and it makes our team very unique. By partnering with AnyKey, we hope to break down barriers and bring people together to make the esports community a better place. We are a team that embraces diversity and values every person's unique background and story, and we are looking forward to what we accomplish with AnyKey in the near future."

Equinox is looking forward to working with AnyKey as we begin to attend events starting with Combo Breaker in May 2019.

Make sure to follow Equinox Gaming and AnyKey on Twitter, and check out the Keystone Code.

Written by FireWolf.

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