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Throughout 2020, EQNX has hosted different online events to help fill the gap left by normal tournaments. One of these events was the COREvsFURY team event where EQNX pros Joey Fury and Cuddle_Core assembled five player teams to represent their region in a 5v5 battle for charity. This event created a challenge from the Atlanta crew, led by Anakin, against the winner, Team FURY. Team FURY emerged victorious in that battle as well.

After two strong performances from Team FURY, EQNX wanted to give the other teams a final chance for revenge during a team championship event in December. To even the bracket, a fourth team led by Shadow was added. Finally, with the exemption of Team FURY, each team’s final member would come from the community and decided upon during the EQNX LCQ online event. Three single elimination tournaments in one day, with the champions from all three going to different teams for the championship.


Each event reached its 32-participant maximum, and the first tournament got the action started quickly. An early Kunimitsu showcase and Gigas mirror match got players excited for the rest of the day. Eventually Azure, PhiDX, Kaizur, and Infernal Spyro were the final four competitors. PhiDX took down Azure three to one while Kaizur swept Infernal Spyro to set up the first finals of the day. In an unexpected matchup of Lucky Chloe versus Noctis, Kaizur’s Chloe became the first qualifier of the day, winning three to zero.

Kaizur said, "I think I'm looking forward to playing as a team the most. This will be my first team Tekken tournament I have ever done. Probably the best first experience I could get."


The second event featured similar participants to the first with the addition of two notable Cuddle Circuit competitors, Raziel730 and Glaciating. Most of the top four from the first bracket fell early in the second event, leading to a brand new final four consisting of Mishimized, Gold, Glaciating, and Raziel730. While Glaciating swept Mishimized, Raziel730 secured a close five game set over Gold. Glaciating quickly earned a spot in the team championship by sweeping Raziel730 as well.

When asked about what he's looking forward to most, Glaciating said, "Probably the challenge? I got pretty roughed up last time, so I want to do better this time around."


To finish the day, Rip and Suiken joined the final event with Rip playing live during commentary. A few new players found early success in this event as well with S.Talon, JoeCrush, and Suiken joining PhiDX in the semifinals. JoeCrush swept his match to earn a finals spot while Suiken grabbed a three to one victory over PhiDX. Final Boss Suiken proved himself worthy of the title by taking down JoeCrush in in four games to become the last addition to the championship rosters.

“I’m really excited to play with some of the best players in the US! This is a great opportunity for the team and myself to have a great time and showcase my skills this coming tournament!” Suiken said.

With the three qualifiers decided, it was time for the random draw to decide which team each player would join. Rip, who was very excited to draw names from his hat, drew all three names sending Glaciating to Team CORE, adding Suiken to Team ANAKIN, and finalizing the draft with Kaizur as part of Team SHADOW.

The team finals will be held on December 12, 2020 live at Registration fees from the EQNX LCQ will be added to the donation total. Make sure to follow @EQNXGaming on Twitter for announcements regarding each team’s final roster.

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