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EQNX RECAP: Combo Breaker 2019

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Equinox Gaming has yet to reach its first birthday, meaning 2019 was the team’s first ever Combo Breaker. Though the Tekken World Tour and Capcom Pro Tour kicked off earlier this year, Combo Breaker was the first event to include the majority of the Equinox roster. Equinox showed up in St. Charles in full force, ready to for a big start to the year.

Jimyeong "Dimeback" Jeon and Jeannail "Cuddle_Core" Carter made it out of their pools on winners side and into Phase 2 of the tournament, but Dimeback lost to SourPiggy in Winners Top 24 before taking down Rip and LtrainLocomotive in the Lower Bracket. Cuddle_Core won her first game of Phase 2 but lost to JDCR, sending her to top 24 in Losers.

In Top 24, Dimeback took down KoDee 2-0 and Cuddle_Core followed suit by taking down EVO Japan champion CHERRYBERRYMANGO, which set up the dreaded team kill. The rounds were close with Cuddle_Core coming out victorious, ending Dimeback’s run at 13th place. Cuddle_Core was forced to continue the Korean gauntlet in her next game against CHANEL.The set went back and forth as both players agreed to an Alisa mirror match. However, Cuddle_Core eventually fell to CHANEL to place 9th.

Adnan "BLACKBEARD" Zaman flew from Denmark to join Equinox in St. Charles and compete in TEKKEN 7. He won early in pools but lost his final match to MYK, so he started Phase 2 from Loser's. BLACKBEARD swept his first two matches before finally falling to Trungy in a close three-game set.

Anton "Filipinoman" Herrera faced a similar situation in the Street Fighter V side, losing to Fuudo in the last game of his pool. Filipinoman made a strong push through Phase 2 with a number of tough wins, but in the end, it was Daigo to take him down. Both BLACKBEARD and Filipinoman placed 33rd in their respective games. Filipinoman also competed in the Mystery Game tournament where he went 5-2 to reach 17th place in games such as Sid Meier's Pirates and Roof Rage.

Unfortunately, Combo Breaker stayed true to its “No Coast, No Kings” motto as Brian "Brian_F" Foster was eliminated during Street Fighter V pools as well as Jacky "Shangles" Vong in TEKKEN 7. Expect both players to come back to hit the lab and return determined to their next tournaments. Outside of competing in Mortal Kombat 11 and Dragon Ball FigherZ, Amanda "Romanova" Rose joined the commentary desk for DBFZ and judged the cosplay contest. EQNX streamer Ana "SMGxPRINCESS" Black competed in MK11 and Smash.

Combo Breaker was an amazing event, but there is still more work to be done. Equinox will be back in action in June as the team travels to Daytona, Florida for CEO. Make sure to follow Equinox on Twitter.

Written by FireWolf, Photos by TimoKauff & FireWolf.

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