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EQNX take on Red Bull Kumite in Las Vegas (November 13-14)

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The EQNX squad is heading to Las Vegas for Red Bull Kumite at Caesars Palace this weekend (November 13 - 14). Our EQNX pros will be fighting it out in the last chance qualifiers and invitationals for Street Fighter V and Tekken 7.

To kick-off the weekend, Joey Fury and Filipinoman will compete in the LCQs on Saturday, November 13 for a chance to join the roster of invited players, which includes EQNX pros Brian_F and Cuddle_Core in their respective games. 

EQNX's FireWolf had a chance to chat with our pros about the upcoming competition. Here's what they are looking forward to most at Red Bull Kumite this weekend: 

Joey_Fury on Red Bull KumiteJoey Fury: "I’m really looking forward to watching some of the absolute best players in the world competing in offline Tekken again. And I am very excited for a chance to join those players in the main event by competing in the last chance qualifier. My goal of course is to play my absolute best and to win the whole thing!"

Cuddle_Core on Red Bull KumiteCuddle_Core: "What I am looking forward to at Red Bull Kumite is playing everyone. I am so eager to play high level Tekken vs international players. It is a way to put my skills to the test! But also supporting my friends in the LCQ, many of my peers will be competing, and I am so excited to feel the energy of an offline tournament at this caliber. My biggest goal is playing my best, and staying calm and composed throughout the entire tournament. Displaying my 'clutch' like playstyle when it's time to turn it up a notch."

Brian_F on Red Bull Kumite Las VegasBrian_F: "I'm still a little bit in shock that I was invited to Red Bull Kumite. I'm extremely honored and excited to participate in one of the most prestigious and fun events for the Street Fighter community. I've watched every Kumite put on by Red Bull since it's inception in 2015. I even looked back on some of the old matches and thought to myself, 'man... I'm going to be in this event'. With that honor comes a lot of pressure. I'm looking to make some big upsets and make it out of the group stages and see how far I can go. No matter how things go down, I'm looking forward to memories that will last a lifetime."

Filipinoman: "I’m excited to get back into the offline fray and we are gonna do our best to put on a show."

Catch all the action from Las Vegas on the official Red Bull streams. Make sure to follow EQNX on Twitter for more updates on our pros all tournament weekend long.

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