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EQNX Wins ICFC Season 3 in Asia and North America

Posted by Tanner Hinders on

EQNX wins ICFC Season 3

Since the first season of the Intercontinental Fight Club, EQNX players have not only been consistent competitors but consistent winners as well. Joey Fury and Cuddle_Core won seasons one and two of ICFC respectively. After the qualifying weeks for season three had concluded, EQNX was poised once again to win gold. Not only in North America, but in Asia as well.


After dominating season three’s regular season brackets, Masa started off finals on the winner’s side against AK. Though Masa had cycled through many characters prior to finals, he decided to utilize Devil Jin in the finals. A quick game one victory for Masa forced AK to switch from Shaheen to Geese Howard. AK evened up the set, but Masa struck back in game three to take a 2-1 lead. Masa secured his spot in winner’s finals by taking down AK’s final character, Law.

In winner’s finals, Masa once again forced his opponent to switch characters by picking up two quick wins. With Kuma unable to do the job, hazuremetal turned to Gigas. The Gigas pick was able to get one win but only delayed Masa’s win.

Masa’s early victories gave him the advantage of going into grand finals on winner’s side against Book. With the momentum for his first two games, Masa took a quick 2-0 lead in the set. Though Book found a win in game three, Masa recomposed in game four. In the final round of game four, Masa hit a crucial electric before winning the round, the set, and the tournament.   

"I participated in ICFC Season 3 with multiple characters, but I focused and practiced Devil Jin mainly for the Finals, which lead me to victory. Thank you for supporting me EQNX and thank you for holding a great tournament, Tenomedia." - Masa


Cuddle_Core also earned a lot of success in the regular season brackets to start the North American finals on the winner’s side. Without missing a beat from the regular season, Cuddle won her first game by sweeping Mak.

Cuddle dropped the first game in winner’s finals to Binchang but fought back in game two winning three rounds straight. She held on to that momentum for the rest of the set, utilizing Alisa’s chainsaws to effectively stop Binchang’s Fahkumram in his tracks. With Cuddle’s spot in grand finals secured, she only had to wait for her opponent. On the loser’s side of the bracket, Joey Fury made an amazing run including wins over Shadow 20z, Mak, PhiDX, and Binchang to set up an EQNX grand finals.

With both Cuddle_Core and Joey Fury were fighting for their second ICFC championship, tensions in the grand finals were high. The first game was a back-and-forth affair before Joey secured the win in the final round. Once again, Cuddle rallied back to pick up game two of the set and swing the momentum to her side. Cuddle kept the pressure on in game three and four, winning both to become the ICFC Season 3 champion.

"With season 3, I honestly didn't think about winning it. The goal every week for me was to learn something new to prepare me for ICFC every Wednesday. And to help me continue in getting STRONGER. Whether it was a small situational thing in game, or a matchup specific thing, I learned something new with my coach. Each weekend before ICFC, Trungy and I would go over things that I had questions on or had difficulty with in each tournament I played in. Specifically watching the matches where I lost and discussed solutions. Because we knew I would face the same people/matchups the following week or weeks to come.

This is all to prepare me for tournaments I'll be playing in offline as well. All of these practices have been preparing me mentally and physically to trust myself in high level high stress situations. It's like being prepared for a test coming up somewhat. Of course, we can't prepare for EVERYTHING, because no tournament can predict everyone you'll play or how you'll respond in those tense situations.

But I have found situations that have personally helped me in problem solving in game over the last year plus based on competing. I've been able to find methods with my coach that have been effective in adapting in tournament, evolving my game-play approaches. I am grateful to still be able to compete against some of America's top players to keep me sharp." – Cuddle_Core

Joey and Cuddle making it to grand finals is not only a testament to their skill, but the consistency they've shown since tournaments have moved online. Not only have they both been regular names in top eights online, they've used these events to continue to improve. While working with their coach, Trungy, Cuddle and Joey use each event as a stepping stone to continuously grow their game.

"Cuddle and Joey’s consistency in placing largely thanks to their drive and eagerness to improve, which motivate me to do my job better. They constantly strive to improve their gameplay, and regardless of their performance in tournaments, we work hard to evaluate each and every game that they have played. To me, it is their drive and dedication that set them apart from the other tournament players." - Trungy

ICFC Season 3 was an amazing showing for EQNX both in Asia and North America. Not only did the players produce multiple wins in the regular season, but they reinforced their position as some of the best Tekken players in the world by winning the season finals. Don’t forget to follow EQNX on Twitter for updates on our players’ future tournament runs!

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