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EQNX wins Most Inclusive Team - theGameHers Awards 2020

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On November 19, during the live grand finale, EQNX Gaming was announced as the winner of the Most Inclusive Team Award from theGameHers Awards 2020. EQNX was also nominated for Charity Team Raised Funds and Top Player of the Year (Cuddle_Core). EQNX was honored for actively recruiting a diverse team of staff in gaming, raising the bar for future teams, motivating marginalized folk to apply for industry jobs.

"We were so honored to just be nominated, so to win was a welcome surprise. This award means a lot to EQNX because it's a validation that we're doing the right thing and we're making a positive impact on the gaming community as a whole. We didn't set out to create the most inclusive or most diverse team. We focused on creating a work environment that uplifts, supports, empowers individuals no matter their background. Whether they're an intern or a world champion, everyone on this team is valuable. This wouldn't have been possible without our people." - Emily Tran, EQNX team owner.
Watch Emily's full acceptance speech on TheGameHers Twitch channel:

thegameHERs - EQNX wins Most Inclusive Team Award

"EQNX wins Most Inclusive Team Award" on thegamehers

EQNX is often at the forefront of inclusive initiatives in the Fighting Game Community. From major fundraisers like KO Cancer (May 2020) for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to our key partnership with Anykey, an advocacy organization supporting diversity, inclusion, and equity in competitive gaming, EQNX is always doing what we can to make gaming a more welcoming place for all gamers.

Flexiss, content creator/commentator, said, "EQNX is more than just a brand for gaming. The team is a physical representation for diversity, charity, kindness, and growth... Everyone involved with EQNX has always exuded this."

Streamer SMGxPRINCESS echoed the sentiment: "It's not everyday you see a team that takes care of its members AND devotes their time and effort to do everything they can for charities in need. EQNX is not only about gaming. It's about making a difference."

EQNX at Norcal Strongstyle 2019

"EQNX always sets the bar very high for how they give to the charities close to their heart," said pro player Cuddle_Core. "EQNX is the kind of place that promotes growth, but never at the expense of changing who you are. ONLY growing in the way that caters to the person you are and can be."

"What's more amazing," said streamer Keekeexbabyy, "is how much they take a stand for not only their members, but also for the diverse problems in the world. It's refreshing how much the team truly cares and how good of an ally everyone on the team is for one another in marginalized/minority groups."

Commentator Romanova said, "EQNX has been so inclusive to not just women but all kinds of women and more. It means a lot to see them promote a more positive place in the FGC."

"They always treated me like the woman I am," said SFV player PhantomMiria. "They always believed in me, and with how big I am in the LGBT community as a trans woman, I wouldn't be where I am without their help and support. Every time I needed EQNX, they were there to help me make it through.. Can't ask for a better team."

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