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EQNX and Gamers.Vote Partner to Bring Voter Registration Awareness to FGC

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EQNX is teaming up with Gamers.Vote to bring voter registration awareness to the Fighting Game Community. Gamers.Vote is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization with the mission to get gamers to register and vote, and EQNX is jumpstarting the partnership with the EQNX Championships and holiday Gamers Outreach campaign ahead of Georgia's U.S. Senate runoff elections (January 5, 2021).

EQNX Championships broadcast begins on Saturday, December 12 at 2pm ET, during which EQNX and Gamers.Vote will encourage eligible gamers to vote.

"We are excited and pleased to have EQNX as a partner. The EQNX Championships will make voting a priority for their community. We are delighted that the event will inform and raise awareness to their community to go vote on January 5th. Added bonus EQNX will also be raising money for Gamers Outreach. An incredible organization that works hard to restore a sense of normalcy and joy in the lives of hospitalized children." - Christie St. Martin, CEO, Gamers.Vote

"Young voters are key to the nation's future, so we are thrilled to partner with Gamers.Vote to help spread the word about voting throughout the FGC. It's an absolute honor to be part a coalition of other passionate organizations and folks that believe in the importance of participation and making our voices heard." - Emily Tran, CEO, EQNX

For more information on voting registration, head over to Gamers.Vote

Information for George Senate Runoff Elections 2021

December 7 - Voter Registration Deadline

Anyone who is registered to vote in Georgia can vote in federal, state, and local runoff elections. Check your voter status.

December 14 - In-Person Early Voting Begins

Georgia voters may vote at any early voting location within your county. In-person early voting will take place for 16 days. Check early voting locations here.

January 5 - Election Day

January 5 is the final day to vote in the Georgia U.S. Senate runoff elections. When you arrive at your polling location, maybe sure to bring:

If you have any questions about voting registration for the Senate Runoff Elections, make sure to head to


Gamers.Vote  is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization that encourages and supports the act of participation, Gamers.Vote leads a coalition of various organizations as a unifying brand to make voting a priority. We hope gamers will register and vote so that their voices may be heard. Join the movement:

About EQNX

EQNX is one of the fastest growing Fighting Games teams in North America, and also one of the most proactive in regards to diversity, inclusion, growth, and community. Co-founded by Emily Tran in June 2018, EQNX is laser-focused on developing the next generation of champions while also using our platform to encourage, support, and amplify the diverse voices of the FGC while also dominating the world stage of competition.

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