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Jimyung "Dimeback" Jeon joins EQNX Gaming for TWT 2018

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We are excited to announce Jimyung «Dimeback» Jeon as the newest member of the Equinox family. Hailing from the Gyeonggi Province in South Korea, Dimeback is the team's first TEKKEN player. Well-known for his vigorous Asuka playstyle, Dimeback is working hard to secure a seat in this year's TEKKEN World Tour Global Championships. Most recently, he placed 5th at Battle Arena Melbourne 10. Be sure to support Dimeback as he makes his EQNX team debut at CEO Daytona at the end of June.


How did you get your start in competitive gaming?

I like all sorts of video games from when I was younger. I had my first experience with the Tekken series at the game center arcades and immediately it stood out among other games at the time. I was attracted to the concept of fighting games and every time I played it, I could feel that I was improving little by little and eventually I wanted to see the peak of my performance.

What do you enjoy the most about competing in Tekken 7?

It is an awesome experience to be able to play with many talented players from around the world. The most exciting moment is when I get to compete on the main stage at big tournaments. That is when I am most hype and I forget about everything else and only focus on playing Tekken. Nothing can describe the amount of excitement of that moment and that is the main reason I came back to the competitive scene. I reckon this whole experience is the best part about playing competitive fighting games.

What motivated you to join Equinox and compete for the team?

I was watching matches from players such as JDCR, Saint, and Jeondding to get motivated and build up my dream of becoming a competitive player. Around the same time, I got a fascinating offer from the team and I immediately approved of it. I wish to represent the team to the fullest with my Tekken expertise.

CEO Daytona will be your first tournament as an EQNX player, what are you most looking forward to?

To be honest I am both excited and concerned at the same time as it will be my first big event under the EQNX brand. I watched the CEO tournament matches on stream and I could only hope to ever enter a tournament of its caliber. The one thing I wanted to be part of is getting the Top 8 placing at the finals and be able to walk into the stage with my chosen entrance music. I think it will be a good opportunity to express my characteristics.

What is your most important goal as a Tekken player?

My main priority would be for my growth and development as a person and a representing player. I wish to experience more global stages and reflect upon my views and make sure that I'm taking the right path of my self-development. I'm well-aware that many of the top players currently active in the scene are already role models and good examples to many others. My goal is to be just like them in the future.


What would you like to say to your fans, friends, and family?

Where are my manners? Hello everyone! My first Tekken game I've played was since it's 5DR iteration. Since then, until the 6BR series, my alias was known as 'addung'. I am very grateful to, once again, become a representative player for a team. I will work hard to show you the best performance I can as much as I possibly can. I've met many friends around the world by travelling and playing Tekken. I'd like to catch up with many of you again soon as it is now possible thanks to the EQNX team. Also, hi Mom! I've been sponsored!

"Dimeback has always been our number one choice since the inception of Equinox. We were impressed by his work ethic, perpetual optimism, and passion for the game. It is obvious that Dimeback is well-loved and respected by his peers. To join a new team is a big challenge, but we are proud to have Dimeback with us and look forward to working and growing together." - Emily Tran, Owner & Co-Founder of Equinox Gaming.

Korean translations by Kevin "BurnoutFighter" Kim.
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