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Joey Fury, Cuddle_Core on #TOC2021 North American Regional Finals 2021

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Joey Fury is headed to San Francisco this weekend for the TEKKEN Online Challenge - North American Regional Finals, where he will fight against the best in the country for the coveted championship title. Joey finished the current season at Rank 1 in the North American leaderboards and looks to make the most of his tournament experience.

Joey said, "Attending the NA finals is a special opportunity. Offline tournaents may continue to be less accessible. So while my #1 goal is victory, I'm also set on enjoying the experience and understanding how lucky I am to be here."
Due to a recent illness, Cuddle_Core is unable to compete in the offline finale despite a strong third place finish on the NA leaderboard. 

Cuddle_Core said, "With the Tekken World Tour being put on hold for a while, having the Tekken Online Challenge was the next best thing. For a couple of months I participated in TOC by competing in ICFC weekly to get points for the leaderboard. By the end of the TOC season, I ended at 3rd on the leaderboard and qualified for the TOC regional final. It felt so good to play for something on the line and to fight towards an end goal every week. Playing weekly kept me sharp, and constantly studying ways to improve.

The final being offline is exciting and gives me a TWT Finals type of energy. Though I am disappointed that I won’t be able to participate in the final, I am excited to see more tournament circuits formatted like this. And I am just as excited to show my skills in future events in TOC tournaments to come. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I am hyped to see some of America’s best Tekken talent fight for the gold!"

Make sure to tune in on Sunday, Jan 9, 2022 on: to catch all the action.

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