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Joey Fury's Tips for Tekken 7 by ZOWIE BenQ

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Today we have some tips brought to you by ZOWIE BenQ from Joey Fury,
 professional TEKKEN 7 player for
EQNX, on how to mix things up in your matches and breaking out of bad habits. Learn more about the monitor Joey Fury uses in competition:

1. When learning the game, block punishment and combo optimization are two of the easiest ways to gain an edge over opponents. There are no hard concepts involved. Just time well-spent in practice mode.

2. New players often ask: How do I deal with lows? There are several ways to respond to low attacks in Tekken. Block and punish, low parry, hopkick, counter hit the opponent before the low hits you, use movement to create a whiff, or simply be indifferent to the lows. With this knowledge, a player can be dynamic and unpredictable, representing the various options at different times.

3. A common habit of novice/intermediate players is to always attack when the space between the characters closes. Ex. Dash-in attack, or, always throwing a keep out attack when the opponent dashes in. This creates predictably. Representing dash-in to block adds another layer to the game.

4. Patterns can be the basis for strong mindgames, but if a player is ignorant to their own patterns, it is a fast track to their own demise. Look for patterns in your gameplay and have the flexibility to deviate when needed.

5. Risk-reward needs to be considered in relation to the opponent’s defensive capability. A -16 low can carry tremendous risk or virtually none based on who you are fighting. Get in the habit of making these assessments as you encounter different opponents.

Follow Joey Fury and ZOWIE BenQ on Twitter. Make sure to check out Zowie BenQ, the official monitor of EQNX. Originally posted by ZOWIE BenQ on Twitter.

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