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Joseph "Joey Fury" Bennett joins EQNX Gaming

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Joseph "Joey Fury" Bennett first caught our attention at CEO 2018 at Daytona Beach in his match versus Dimeback for Top 8. Joey demonstrated intelligence, skill, perseverance, and a real stage presence that demanded attention. Joey embodies everything we want in an Equinox player, so it was a no-brainer to bring Joey officially onto the squad.

Joey is one of the most traveled North American players on the Tekken World Tour, having competed in European tournaments such as Headstomper 2018 and VS Fighting 2018, where he placed 4th and 9th respectively. 

"Every tournament he's been he's consistently played well. We can't wait to have Joey don our Equinox jerseys and see where his career takes him." - TimoKauff

See what else co-founders Emily and Timo had to say about the announcement, plus a few words from Joey Fury himself.

Make sure to follow Joey on Twitter and on Twitch.

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