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#KOCancer raises 11,517.35USD for

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Held from May 10 to 17, EQNX Gaming's KO Cancer charity event raised a total of 11,517.35 (USD) for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation thanks to the generosity of the Fighting Game Community and our incredible partners Addice Inc., ZOWIE BenQ, XSplit, Qanba USA, and Level Up Your Game. The 2020 collaboration with BCRF is our first partnership with a major nonprofit organization. KO Cancer aimed to spread awareness, raise funds for breast cancer research, and rally the FGC to do our part in the fight versus breast cancer. All funds raised during KO Cancer will be donated to

"We’re so thrilled to have the FGC community rally behind BCRF,” said Stephanie Kauffman, Chief Partnerships Officer. “We're beyond grateful to Jeannail 'Cuddle_Core' Carter and EQNX Gaming for the opportunity to raise funds for breast cancer research through the #KOCancer Cuddle Circuit. As the largest private funders of breast cancer research, we are mobilizing scientists around the world to accelerate research. The commentators, streamers and donors who joined last week's event help make that possible."


KO Cancer began with a smaller goal of 5,000 (USD) with this being EQNX's first charity collaboration. However, the initial community response blew the team away. Due to generous donations from Fighting Game Community members, we raised our goal, not once, but twice.

EQNX team members participated in a week-long streamathon from May 10 to 17 to promote the campaign and raise more money. Streamers included Cuddle_Core, ohaifrancy, Romanova, Brian_F, Shangles, and SMGxPRINCESS. Donation tiers from Romanova included a Black Widow Cosplay and FT5 sets (DBFZ), whereas Cuddle_Core allowed donators to challenge her to a FT5 set  with post-game analysis (TK7).

EQNX merch lead Annarumi designed a limited edition #KOCancer2020 charity t-shirt, available for pre-order. Annarumi is also the designer of EQNX's Yatta! Fighting t-shirt. If you are interested in pre-ordering, please send an email to eqnxgg(at)gmail(dot)com. The KO Cancer Support Shop is no longer taking orders.

Donators who contributed over 10 (USD) in a single donation were eligible for raffle prizes. Prizes included a 2019 COMBOBREAKER Denim Jacket, four SFV edition Collector Cups, five Kinda Fit Kinda Fat shirts, two 2019 NORCAL STRONGSTYLE hoodies, and so much more all donated by the Fighting Game Community. We could not have done such an awesome raffle without our community contributors. Thank you.

Thursday's Street Fighter V & TEKKEN 7 tournaments were the main event of the campaign with special commentators that included Cuddle_Core, Brian_F, Sherryjenix, aliciaxlife, suiken, Vicious, and Rynge. The all-day event featured West and East brackets to include as many competitors as possible. The TEKKEN portion was streamed on EQNXgg, whereas SFV was streamed on Sherryjenix's stream. Initially, we had concerns: would it be possible to coordinate and run four online tournaments in one day?

The answer: Yes, with the right staff and volunteers.

Thanks to the additional help of volunteers Rell, King Kai, ConflictofInterest, MrSqueak3rs, volunteer coordinator EQNX | Kurominah, and TO's FireWolf and Filipinoman, all four brackets ran smoothly and efficiently -- some even ended early. 

Rell, known for his willingness to always step up in a time of need, had this to say, “Having the opportunity to work with EQNX during #KOCancer will be a highlight of the year for me. I am always more than willing to help out those in the Fighting Game Community, but to have it be for a cause that is very close to me made it really special.”

All attendees players donated the $5 (USD) registration fee to BCRF, which grew the donation total tremendously with $595 (USD) contributed by 119 total attendees, funding 11.9 hours of breast cancer research. When playing on stream, competitors sported pink in-game costumes to spread awareness. Not only did they compete for a good cause, they also competed for a 1000 (USD) prize pool donated by EQNX Gaming and awesome prizes from our partners, including a ZOWIE BenQ RL2455TS e-Sports Console monitor, ZOWIE Divina pink peripherals, and a Qanba Shield Backpack. 

The TEKKEN tournament was filled with crazy encounters and tense finishes, featuring many regular Cuddle Circuit competitors like yoj99, Glaciating, and GoWeege. TK7 East's Winner's Final culminated in a Disrupt Gaming showdown between brothers Shadow20z and Joonya20z. Though Glaciating made a phenomenal Loser's Bracket run, Shadow was crowned TK7 East Champion. On the other side of the competition, West was a slugfest of strong competitors with S4FE, BOOR, and GoWeege coming out on top. GoWeege ultimately became TK7 West Champion.

Shadow20z said, “I don’t know anyone personally with breast cancer, but I am aware of how serious it is, and how many people are affected by it. It does make me happy that I was able to support such a cause by simply playing my favorite fighting game. I really do hope my participation in the event helped make a difference.”

Just by looking at the brackets, Cuddle Circuit SFV seemed like a Premier with the level of stacked competition in attendance with high profile players such as iDom, NuckleDu, Shine, RobTV, and more. iDom fought hard to make his way to the top of the East bracket with dominant Laura and Poison gameplay. After taking down Crescent | TPC | RobTV (3-0), iDom became the SFV East Champion.

SFV West featured top players including Alex Myers, Punk, Toi, and Nephew, with ChrisCCH and Luigi ultimately earning their spots in the Grand FInals. ChrisCCH denied the bracket reset and moved on to become the SFV West Champion.

ChrisCCH said "I've been entering a ton of online tournaments the past few months, so I was really happy to see EQNX come along and host one for a really great cause.  My grandma died of cancer when I was much younger, so cancer research is something I've always been happy to see get more attention. I'm really grateful for EQNX hosting this tournament for the FGC and bringing more awareness and donations towards the fight against breast cancer!”

Street Fighter V East
First: @iDomNYC
Second: Crescent | TPC @RobTeeVee
Third: END | @Shine_NYC

Street Fighter V West
First: @ChrisCCH_
Second: Luigi
Third: @nephewdork

First: Disrupt | @Shadow20z
Second: @Glaciating
Third: Disrupt |  @Joonya20z

First: GoWeege - @Jarvijaar
Second: @tk_S4FE
Third: BC | @SUCH_BOOR

On Sunday, May 17, KO Cancer came to a close with over 130 single donations amounting to 11,517.35 (USD). That's over 230 hours of breast cancer research funded by the Fighting Games Community! KO Cancer's success is a testament to the power of a community no matter how small, and we are grateful for the tireless efforts of BCRF, our staff, the team, our partners, and the FGC. Full KO Cancer VOD available here.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer by providing critical funding for cancer research worldwide to fuel advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship. If you want to learn more, please check out Make sure to follow BCRF on Twitter and Instagram

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