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Welcome Masaki "Masa" Fujita to EQNX & LUYG

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MARCH 25, 2020 -
 Earlier this week, Level Up Your Game announced a partnership with Equinox Gaming to bring more TEKKEN content to the Fighting Game Community as we head into Spring 2020.  And the good news doesn't stop there.

EQNX and LUYG are ecstatic to announce we're welcoming Masaki "Masa" Fujita to both organizations as an official TEKKEN content creator. Masa is one of the fastest rising stars in Japan and the mastermind behind "1day1tips" on Twitter. Most recently, Masa was a finalist at EVO Japan 2020 and a runner-up in YAMADA Cup. He is a talented player unafraid to try new things and share his passion with the community. Together, EQNX and LUYG will help Masa reach new fans across the globe and help him continue to do what he does best.

"I'm really happy to be part of EQNX and LUYG. I'm surprised and I still can't believe it. My goal as a player is to be the strongest in the universe. Considering my current ability, I am confident that if I can participate in tournaments, I will be able to get some results, so I want to compete more.

And I like games, I love Tekken, so I want to spread the fun and awesomeness of the game to more people. Joining a team is not a goal, it's a start. So, joining EQNX and LUYG, I think I need to grow more as a person. I look forward to the future." - Masa

Check out what LUYG founder Reepal "Rip" Parbhoo had to say about Masa joining the squad:


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