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Breakout Champ Jyotaro Tsunoda Joins EQNX Tekken

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Meet Jyotaro “Jyotaro” Tsunoda of Tokyo. EQNX Breakout champion, successful businessman, JeSU licensed player, and unarguably the best Noctis player in the world. Jyotaro is the newest professional Tekken player to join the EQNX roster.

Tekken 7 has been dominated by guest characters over the last year. However, Noctis is a character that doesn’t often appear in the later stages of a tournament. If Jyotaro is competing, it’s a different story.

Noctis is not considered to be top tier by many. However, Jyotaro thinks the character will help him make his mark on the tournament scene. He says Noctis has lots of potential, highlighted by his mid and close-range moves that stop opponents from getting in.

Jyotaro has been playing Tekken for eight years but began to make a name for himself this year with consistent victories over top players. He was the Mastercup 2018 TRY runner-up, which earned him the ever so coveted JeSU pro license. Since then, he has built a career in Japan as a business mogul, unorthodox player, and esports advocate. 

Unfortunately, Jyotaro has only been able to travel to tournaments outside of Japan twice. One of those tournaments was Evo 2019, where he placed 33rd after strong wins against Doujin and Sicoby. Before Evo began, Jyotaro finished second at the GameWorks Pre-EVO Dojo losing to Arslan Ash in both winners and grand finals.

Another notable appearance for Jyotaro was during the ONE TEKKEN Tokyo Invitational 3v3 tournament. There he joined double and Gen on Team Japan. In the grand finals, Jyotaro took down Chanel and Rangchu from Team South Korea to give his team a commanding lead. Ulsan completed the reverse sweep to steal the series but Jyotaro still proved his Noctis could hang with the best of the best.

Next up for Jyotaro was the Fighting Tuesday Fall Dojo and a potential spot in the EQNX Breakout tournament. He made quick work of the early bracket racking up strong wins against double, Nishi, and AO. Only Rangchu’s new Zafina pick could slow Jyotaro down in winners finals. After securing second place in the fall dojo, Jyotaro was in prime position to win EQNX Breakout.

Nishi, AO, Masa, and Jyotaro all competed in EQNX Breakout for a chance to represent Equinox at the TWT Last Chance Qualifier in Thailand. Jyotaro’s Noctis seemed unstoppable as he won EQNX Breakout and a slew of great Qanba prizes as well.

“I feel like there is a huge meaning behind winning the EQNX tournament, so I am so stoked that I won.” - Jyotaro

Shortly after winning EQNX Breakout, Jyotaro made his way to Tokyo Tekken Masters alongside Dimeback. Though he suffered an early defeat, Jyotaro’s fighting spirit was displayed in a long loser’s bracket run where he took down jimmyjtran, YUYU, and Hapon to end the event in 33rd.

Most recently, Jyotaro picked up ten TWT points by placing fifth at the MASTERCUP AA Dojo. He is currently sitting at 155 TWT points.

EQNX is extremely excited to sponsor Jyotaro for 2020 as well as sending him to the 2019 TWT LCQ.

Looking forward, Jyotaro will be competing in the Yamada Cup e-Sports tournament this weekend. This will help him further prepare for the TWT Finals in December. Jyotaro is excited to test his skill against talent from across the world in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Finally, we asked Jyotaro what advice he has for gamers that hope to find success similar to him.

“The things you want to do, want to become, or the things you want will all be 100% rewarded if you work hard. If you challenge to keep your dreams going, they will come true.” – Jyotaro

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Written by Tanner “FireWolf” Hinders

Japanese translation by Boeken

Art by @nekodoruBox

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