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Mia joins EQNX

Posted by EQNX Gaming on

We are thrilled to welcome Mia (@Miamiasn) to the EQNX stream team. Mia is an up-and-coming FPS streamer living in Japan, mainly playing major titles such as Overwatch, APEX Legends, and VALORANT. Before joining EQNX, Mia played PUBG professionally for an all-women's Japanese team. She now focuses on creating content and building her brand as a Twitch streamer in Japan.

Mia said, "I especially want to help inspire esports more and more. There are few female gamers in Japan, and I hope to encourage more female gamers to play and more people to love video games in Japan through my stream.

I'm nervous because this is my first time joining an overseas team, but I can speak Japanese, Korean, and English (learning more). I want to be able to do a wide range of activities not only in Japan. So happy to join EQNX."

We are thrilled to for Mia to bring her FPS talent and skill to the EQNX family. We look forward to working with her as a multilingual content creator and helping her further grow the esports scene in Japan. 

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