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Sherryjenix & suiken join #KOCancer Commentator Lineup

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Sherry "Sherryjenix" Nhan is helping EQNX Gaming with the #KOCancer Street Fighter V Tournament on May 14th as the main commentator and host. Sherryjenix is a household name in the gaming industry thanks to a long career in competitive Street Fighter and her FGC initiatives such as eFightPass. We are honored to have Sherry lead the charge with the SFV Tournament as we fight to spread awareness, raise money, and end breast cancer with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

"The EQNX x BCRF special Cuddle Circuit charity tournament hits a lot of values close to home for me and is the perfect event for me to rally behind. As a woman, breast cancer is something I was taught to be concerned about from a young age. I already knew the statistics of how many women develop breast cancer (1 out of 8), and how I could check myself daily for any signs of it. Having my own close call before, I understand the fear of anyone who's waiting to hear their results from a cancer diagnosis. I'm glad that organizations such as BCRF, a foundation who has participated in the major advancement of breast cancer prevention/treatment, exists.

Not only do I get to work with BCRF, but working with Cuddle Core and the EQNX team for this event is truly a privilege. Cuddle Core is a great role model for women in the Esports community, being one of the best Tekken players in the world. Emily, the head of EQNX, has raised and handled an incredible Esports team full of talent with mostly fighting game players, a feat accomplished where many have failed in the past.

I would love to see the fighting game community come out and support our event! Whether it be competing, donating, or just spreading the news, any support is appreciated." - Sherryjenix on commentating Cuddle Circuit: KO Cancer. Sherry is the main commentator for the KO Cancer Street Fighter V tournament alongside Jeremy "ViciousFGC" Mitchell, Luis "Rynge" Avila, and Brian "Brian F" Foster. 

Michael "suiken" Khieu, Level Up Your Game member & Socal TEKKEN competitor, will be joining the #KOCancer TEKKEN Commentary lineup. The #KOCancer campaign hits particularly close to home for suiken and we are honored to have him join Cuddle_Core and aliciaxlife for the TEKKEN tournament.

Suiken said, "Cancer affects us all in one way or another. It does not discriminate; especially breast cancer. Being a part of the FGC and seeing some of your friends go through it, I want to let them know that they are not alone. In today’s world, we have advanced research and technology that support survivors in their journey to recovery."

Toghether, Sherry and suiken hope to help the #KOCancer Campaign raise $10,000 for BCRF.

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