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Equinox Gaming is proud to announce we are now partnered with the AnyKey, an advocacy organization dedicated to supporting diversity in esports. This partnership will help Equinox provide even more support to marginalized communities within the Fighting Game scene and esports industry. Together, we hope to further promote diversity and inclusion by acting as positive role models in the community and providing welcoming spaces for all gamers. 

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"Picking up Brian was a no-brainer for us. He has a fire in him that is just arresting. Anyone who knows or follows Brian can see that he's a joy to be around. Whether he's competing or streaming, people want to be around Brian; he emanates confidence. Not only that, Brian is super talented at the game and is altruistic in the way he shares his knowledge of Street Fighter with the community. Brian will continue to accomplish big things in his career and we are so honored that he has made Equinox Gaming his new home."

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