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FireWolf's First EVO

Posted by Tanner Hinders on

Ever since I first became involved with the Fighting Game Community in 2017, attending the Evolution Championship Series has been a goal for me. This year, I finally achieved that goal with the rest of Equinox Gaming. Even though I did not compete this year, EVO was still an eye-opening experience for me regarding how much I still have to learn about fighting games. The weekend was long and tiring but well worth it. Watching the Equinox players compete only added to the intensity. The memories made at my first ever EVO are some that I will remember forever. 

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Around the World with JOEY FURY - Travel Blog

Posted by EQNX Gaming on

Joseph “Joey Fury” Bennett is in the middle of a burgeoning competitive Tekken career as one of the world’s best and most traveled professionals. While competing can be an important driving force to get players to travel, taking time off to relax and rejuvenate is just as important for mental and physical health. We asked Joey to blog about his favorite locations to visit both as a competitor or a tourist. 

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