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Yung P's LUCKY CHLOE Season 2 Guide (In-Depth)

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"Hello all! Welcome to my Season 2 Guide. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for supporting me. Happy New Years! If you want to learn Chloe, I've got ya covered! I've covered everything to punishes, combos, all her best moves, anything I missed? Let me know. Please do follow me on my social media: Twitter @YungPTK and Twitch. Take care everyone, hit me up if you ever need any help." - EQNX | Yung P TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Introduction (Character Overview)0:32 Part 1: Pros and Cons2:00 Part 2: Punishers 3:55 Part 3: Main Moves ( Elaborated)01:40:16 Part...

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