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Trungy Joins EQNX as Head Analyst

Posted by Tanner Hinders on

Equinox Gaming is excited to announce Trung “Trungy” Mai is joining the team as our new Head Analyst! As a fearsome fighter and natural leader, Trungy coaching will help bring Equinox’s Tekken team to the podium in 2020 more than ever before.

Emily Tran, CEO of Equinox Gaming, said, “It doesn't matter if you're a complete noob or an EVO champion, everyone needs a coach. There are no shortcuts to becoming the best of the best, and we're committed to building the foundation, brick by brick, for our players to maintain a high level of play and focus during tournament season.

We sought a person who not only plays and understands TEKKEN but also is aware of what it takes to teach and improve. Trung Mai is that guy. We're very honored to bring onboard someone so ambitious and passionate about helping others. Trungy will work closely with our North American players to power up their gameplay and mental fortitude this season as our head TEKKEN analyst. Please welcome Trungy officially to the #EQNXFAM. We can't wait to see what we accomplish together.

As one of the most experienced Tekken coaches in the world, Trungy understands how to help players improve at any level. He runs his own business dedicated to teaching players.

On top of running his own coaching business, Trungy also owns an esports lounge in Tennessee called Knox Games. His leadership skills and multitasking abilities will make him a great addition to Equinox.

Trungy said, "One of the best things about TEKKEN is the community and people I've met while playing. Through my entire TEKKEN career, I've always been surrounded by friends and people who enjoy the game as much as I do. In addition to traveling to tournaments, last year I've been more involved in the local scene, hosting events, attending more local tournaments, and helping players of all skill levels learn the game. I've also started streaming to share and connect with others over the mutual interest of TEKKEN.

This year I'm happy I have an opportunity to take things to the next level.

I'm opening a new venue in Knoxville, Tennessee called Knox Games. I want to spread the reach of TEKKEN and other games even further. What started in my apartment now has a chance to grow even larger and I'm excited about the new people I'll see and meet. I'm glad at the ability to bring the community closer together.

I also have a wonderful opportunity to spread my knowledge and passion for TEKKEN with Equinox Gaming as their analysts. I've always enjoyed helping people grow and learn at the game. Being able to do that for Equinox is amazing. They have very dedicated members on their team. I am looking forward to being able to devote my time and knowledge to help in any way I can to the team's success. Thank you Equinox."

As the head analyst at Equinox, Trungy will be working with our American Tekken players to help them improve their play and reach the next level. By working directly with our players, he can help them improve at an even higher rate.

Trungy is also an experienced Tekken competitor. Recently, he placed second at Kumite in Tennessee and won Red Bull Conquest Minnesota. Throughout the Tekken World Tour, Trungy fought his way to top 32 in almost every tournament he competed in, often placing even higher.

Follow Trungy on Twitter and Twitch.


Written by FireWolf.

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