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Ulsan vs Knee, EyeMusician vs Rest in #TKOnlineChallenge Korea

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EQNX Ulsan and EQNX EyeMusician will play in #TK7OnlineChallenge
It's an epic weekend for Ulsan and EyeMusician as they prepare for the #T7OnlineChallenge Korea. 

First up, EyeMusician will take on the open bracket tournament, which begins 11AM KST on Saturday, Sept 19. More information is available on

EyeMusician and Ulsan have also been invited to play in the #T7OnlineChallenge Exhibitions on Sunday, Sept 20 starting 2PM KST. 

Character Specialist Match: 
EyeMusician vs Rest
Main Card:
Ulsan vs ROX Dragons Knee

#TK7OnlineChallenge Korea will be broadcasted on

When asked about his exhibition match, EyeMusician said, "I was able to beat [Rest] in a recent tournament because Yoshimitsu has an advantage against an aggressive Hwoarang, but he would have made strategy to beat me in this FT5, so I'm prepared to fight hard."

"I'm proud of myself to match with Knee and the victory is important," said Ulsan. "But I want to show good performance first."

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