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Suhun "Ulsan" Im joins EQNX for TWT 2020

Posted by EQNX Gaming on

We're excited to announce Suhun “Ulsan” Im as the newest member of our Tekken roster
joining Joey Fury, Dimeback, Cuddle_Core, and Jyotaro. With sharp Kazumi plays and an unorthodox Bob, Ulsan is one of the strongest and fastest rising players in the world and we can't wait to see what he accomplishes in the EQNX navy and gold. 

Emily Tran, CEO of Equinox Gaming, said,I first met Ulsan at Norcal Strongstyle, and I was immediately drawn to his candor and wit. He's the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, inside and outside of the game, and what you see is what you get. He is a genuine person and motivated to become the best in the world, and I am honored to call him EQNX family.

For someone so young, he has already achieved an incredible amount, including 2nd place at 2019 TWT finals, 4th at EVO Japan, 1st at Damagermany, 1st at Battle Arena Melbourne, and more. Though he hasn't traveled quite as much as other players, he still almost always secures a Top 8 finish.

There is something very special about Ulsan. Though soft-spoken in nature and sometimes shy, Ulsan absolutely commands attention when he steps into the ring. We will provide the foundation and support he needs to continue to grow and become the player he wants to be."

In 2019, Ulsan qualified for the TWT World Finals with 795 points and tenth place on the global leaderboards. In the finals, he found himself in Group B with fan favorites and Red Bull eSports athletes Anakin and Arslan Ash. Though Ulsan fell into loser's bracket before Top 8, he fought hard to set up a Grand Finals versus Chikurin. Chikurin was ready with Akuma, which he trained specifically to take down Ulsan. Overall, Ulsan finished second.

Photo by Robert Paul (EVO JAPAN 2020)

When asked about why he joined EQNX, Ulsan answered:

"Before joining EQNX, I met EQNX many times in tournament and on stream. I thought they are a good team, and that feeling of being a team is good. I wanted that feeling, so I decided to join EQNX. This year, I hope to be a TWT finalist again and this time, I want to be the champion."

EQNX | Ulsan finishes 4th at EVO Japan 2020

On EVO Japan:

"EVO Japan is so special for me because EVO Japan 2018 was my first international event and EVO Japan 2020 was my first tournament with EQNX. I was so nervous, but EQNX cared for me and I got 4th place. And I was so surprised because I didn't pick Leroy and many players cheered me."

Random Facts about Ulsan:

  • Ulsan was born in 2000.
  • Ulsan is the name of one of seven Korean cities. Ulsan lives in Ulsan.
  • In Tekken 7, his original main was Gigas.
  • His favorite juice is apple juice.
  • His favorite food is Korean chicken.
  • If he weren't a Tekken pro player, he would work in Construction Material Management.

Follow Ulsan on Twitter and Twitch.


Written by FireWolf.

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