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What Does EQNX Do in the Offseason?

Posted by Tanner Hinders on

The offseason is always an odd time for competitors. Players move teams, changes are made for the competitive season and there is lots of time for practice. With the extended offseason for 2020, here’s an inside look to Equinox in the offseason.

Equinox started 2020 by announcing the team’s newest player, Ulsan. Shortly after, the team took on Evo Japan as well as the EQNX vs. World First-to-Ten streams with KuroKuro including Jyotaro and Joey Fury. During Evo Japan, Ulsan fought his way to Equinox’s first top eight of the year including his infamous “Kill Leroy” phone screen.

After Evo Japan, the offseason went into full swing. Equinox’s pros and streamers have been hard at work improving their skills, both in-game and out.

Following his killer performance at Evo Japan, Ulsan has been streaming Tekken consistently. Outside of the game he is also Improving his English and catching up on shows. “I'm studying English words and watching anime and Japanese dramas. My favorite anime is Dragon Ball now because LowHigh recommended me to watch it. Kodoku no Gurume is my favorite Japanese drama. This drama is about eating and traveling. For English study, I study one category a day,” said Ulsan.

Cuddle_Core has also been working tirelessly to create new content. The list she gave us was actually so long we couldn’t include everything in here. However, here’s a sample of some of her amazing projects. “Creating content on CaffeineTV, streaming Tekken training and variety games 15-25 hours. Teaching and doing match analysis for people within the community looking for assistance. Focusing on bringing awareness to the FGC on hot topics through my current podcast created by me and Alicia called FGC WOKE," said Cuddle_Core

Improving their content and community is a major focus of many Equinox members.

Brian_F said, “The offseason plan is to grow. Grow as a competitive player, learn this new season of SFV inside and out, and grow as a content creator. Expect more community-driven events and content on YouTube and Twitch to keep the FGC engaged.”

Shangles said, “Been focusing on streaming and development of my content.”

Phantom Miria is putting in work improving her personal brand and local scene. She walked the runway for a designer called Rhodine recently. On top of modeling, Miria is also eating healthier, working out and took trips to Mexico City and Los Angeles. “I’ve been traveling and working with the Mexican FGC to help them get more exposure with their future tournaments. Pretty excited for what’s to come this season since Chun is top tier, I still stream everyday training 4-6 hours minimum a day,” said Miria.

In line with improving more than just fighting games content, SMGxPrincess has been working on other skills as well. SMGxPrincess said, “I’ve been taking breaks, making content, and allowing myself to discover and develop other talents I have such as songwriting, dancing, and learning coding.”

Outside of growing content, other members have been focused on leveling up their local scene.

Jyotaro said, “In the off-season, we're all getting together in the Esports Cafe group community to try to improve ourselves.”

said, "During this offseason, I turned my attention towards leveling up my local scene and opening up my Esports Lounge."

Some players are taking the time off to play other games and spend time with people close to them.

Romanova said, “Non-FGC wise, I'm just hanging with my man, girls, and trying to craft.”

Dimeback said, “I am playing League of Legends and taking care of myself. Korea is dangerous with the virus, so I'm usually at home.”

Dimeback streaming League of Legends on Twitch.TV

I’ve also been hard at work in the offseason attempting to come up with new content ideas and covering social media. We’ve come up with a lot of cool ideas that I can’t wait to implement and am very excited for everyone to see what we’re working on behind the scenes. Outside of EQNX, I’m also finishing up my final semester of college and am hoping to begin streaming as I start practicing fighting games again. Spoilers, there’s a reason I’m a staff member and not a pro player.


Written by FireWolf.

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