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ZOWIE x EQNX Partner Up for 2020

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MARCH 30, 2020 -
 EQNX is proud to strive for perfection as we enter a partnership with ZOWIE. ZOWIE is dedicated to providing the best computer monitors and peripherals in gaming, and EQNX is committed to joining forces with global brands that care about and want to improve the gaming community.

"Providing high performance equipment to competitive gamers is the goal here at BenQ ZOWIE. We're super excited to partner with Equinox Gaming to upgrade their players with the tools to succeed and achieve their dreams in esports. We can't wait to grow further with Equinox and the FGC community." - Richard "Trouble" Luu, ZOWIE BenQ Marketing Specialist.

Previously, EQNX and ZOWIE teamed up at EVO 2019 to provide a fun and interactive fan experience at the booth with Play-A-Pro + Addice Inc. Collaboration. EVO attendees challenged EQNX players to TEKKEN and Street Fighter V for a chance to win EQNX merch. These attendees also participated in the ladder tournaments at the ZOWIE booth thanks to the guys at Dropkick and Addice.

The fan activation at EVO 2019 was an invaluable experience for EQNX as our first ever booth appearance with a global brand. Together, we worked hard to make the booth a great success! Our players had a dedicated spot to play casuals with fans, warm-up for pool play, and get to know the ZOWIE and Addice Inc crew better. Attendees had the opportunities to play pro players and check out top tier monitors and gaming peripherals at one of the most prestigious FGC events in the world. All in all, it was a fantastic experience!

"I've been a fan of ZOWIE products for over a decade. It all started with the ZOWIE Divina Female StarCraft Invitational Tournament. ZOWIE is unapologetic in their support of gamers no matter what their demographic is and they're fearless in pushing boundaries of industry norms. FGC is a niche gaming group, and I'm grateful that ZOWIE sees the value in our culture, our community, our games. Like us, they're not afraid to try new things. Together, we'll bring some awesome content to the fans and make sure our players are using the best equipment in the business. Stay tuned to see what we accomplish with Richard and the ZOWIE team!" - Emily NyxRose Tran, EQNX Owner.

ZOWIE develops top-of-the-line esports equipment including the RL-series monitors, EC series mice, Celeritas II keyboard and other peripherals like the VITAL Audio System and the SR series mousepad. Many EQNX members already use and prefer ZOWIE products, and now it's official: ZOWIE is the official monitor of EQNX Gaming.

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