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Qanba USA is the specialized manufacturer of licensed Fighting Game accessories, such as the Qanba Obsidian and the Qanba Shield backpack. Qanba arcade sticks are used worldwide by casual gamers to champions of FGC tournaments. Check out, the official fightstick of EQNX.

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ZOWIE BenQ is striving for perfection as the leading provider of gaming monitors and display technology in the world. ZOWIE BenQ is the manufacturer of the ZOWIE BenQ RL e-Sports console monitor series, which is a favorite amongst our pro players. Make sure to check out ZOWIE BenQ (, the official monitor of EQNX.

From marketing to esports fanaticism, Addice Inc. is passionate about everything they do. As the official partner of ZOWIE BenQ, Zowie Divina Series, Esports Tiger, Dezctop, AddiceInc. provides all these amazing products in one spot. Addice Inc. is a proud supporter of the Cuddle Circuit Tournament series, providing ZOWIE BenQ and Esports Tiger prizes to our competitors. Make sure to check out

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EQNX is proudly supported by XSplit, the pioneers of the gaming streams technology. All EQNX followers can get 10% off on XSplit Premium Licenses, which works on all XSplit products like XSplit Broadcaster, XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit VCam. Use the code EQNXGG on checkout to apply this special offer.

EQNX is affiliated with AnyKey, an advocacy organization dedicated to supporting diversity in esports. This partnership will help Equinox provide even more support to marginalized communities within the Fighting Game scene and esports industry. Together, we hope to further promote diversity and inclusion by acting as positive role models in the community and providing welcoming spaces for all gamers

EQNX partnered with Level Up Your Game to bring the fans more TEKKEN content like LUYG Labs.